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Coming soon - a new book covering all aspects of Myofunctional Therapy.

Myofunctional Therapy Workbook ($15.00) The Myofunctional Therapy Workbook has been designed to be used by those trained in the procedures of oral myofunctional therapy. The workbook contains lessons used by William and Julie Zickefoose for the purpose of synchronizing orofacial muscle patterns. It is simply written so that it may be easily understood by children as well as adults. The workbook also contains a diagnostic record, evaluation records, charts and tests for motivation. It is recommended that the workbook be given to each patient on the the initial visit and returned with the patient on recurring visits.A complete nine lesson workbook to aid in the correction of many myofunctional disorders.

Orofacial Myofunctional Photograph Album ($65.00) This album contains color photographs portraying tongue patterns and the resulting dental problems, etiological factors, other oral habits, before and after cases,and testimonials by qualified professionals. The photos are enclosed in a protective shield to provide durability. They are flexible to assure ease of use. The album is designed to aid the orthodontist, general dentist, speech therapist, and oral myofunctional therapist in consultations and has been extremely poplar with members of those professions

Tongue Thrust: Questions & Answers  (30 - 100,- .52 ea.) (101-499, 50 ea.) ( over 500 .48 ea.) More than two million copies of this very enlightening pamphlet have been sold. It has been revised to include photographs and the latest thinking by experts on oral myofunctional therapy. It includes the most commonly asked questions about myofunctional disorders and their methods of correction. The language is simple and precise, the explanations clear and informative. Now in color.

What Do These Terms Mean? (30 - 100,- .52 ea.) (101-499,.50 ea.) ( over 500 .48 ea) ------------ This pamphlet includes many photographs. It has been revised to the latest thinking on myofunctional disorders. It discusses classification,definition,etiology,orofacial muscle function, oral habits, oral myofunctional therapy thumb and tongue appliances, and their significance to dentition and good health This tongue thrust pamphlet has proven to be a valuable asset to members of the dental profession, therapist, parents and patients. Now in color.

A Childs Guide (30 - 100, .39 ea.) (101-499.37 ea.) (over 500 .35 e) ----------------------------- This is the first pamphlet of it's kind written for children. It is written in simple English so that any child can understand tongue thrust. There are numerous illustrations to help maintain the child's interest.

DVD - Oral Myofunctional Disorders - Cause & Effect ($95.00) This highly educational video tape is excellent in the use for consultations and professional presentations. The 13 minute DVD shows myofunctional disorders of actual patients. It vividly illustrates various myofunctional disorders - their causes and effect.

Night Posture Habituation CD ($15.00) Habituation of the normal swallowing pattern and postural position of the tongue and lips during sleeping hours in absolutely essential. This extremely successful relaxation and habituation technique developed by JulieZickefoose has been demonstrated in lectures and courses throughout the United States and Japan and has been well received by all participants. This CD is much in demand by members of the dental and oral myofunctional communities for their myofunctional patients. The Night Posture Habituation CD is available along with a Night Posture Record for your patients.

Swallow Sequence Posters (22 X 17 ) or Slides ($50.00) The normal postural position and swallow sequence along with the tongue thrust postural position and swallow sequence are available either as a set of two posters (22 " X 17") or twelve color slides. These education aids graphically clarify for the patent and the parents the postural position of the tongue and the swallowing sequence for both normal and tongue thrust patterns. They are also useful for group education.

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders Slide Album ($78.00) A total of 51 slides,39 of which are taken of actual patients in a myofunctional therapy program. The series covers of tongue thrust, abnormal mentalis activity oral habits, short lingual frenums, etc. Appropriate descriptive material is included in the accompanying script. Also included in this package are the 12 Swallow Sequence Slides mentioned above.

Swallow Sequence Mini-Posters (81/2 X 11) (5 sets = 10 posters) ($18.00) The 81/2 X 11 version of the Swallow Sequence Posters are available both laminated and plain. They are excellent to give to referral sources. The referral source can then use them to better explain the myofunctional disorder when making a referral. They acan also be given to patients so they will have a better understanding of their myofunctional disorder.

Swallow Sequence Mini-Posters -laminated (one set) ($8.00

Memo Pads (set of 10) ($5.00) These note pads are a great gift for referral sources. Their large size won't get lost on your referral source's desk and will serve as a daily reminder of the need to refer for myofunctional therapy.

Flavored Tongue Depressors ( package of 24) (minimum order 4) ($2.95) Cherry, Mint, and Grape. Patients love the taste of these flavored tongue depressors. The individually wrapped tongue depressors make practicing much more fun.

Flavored Gloves state preferences small / medium strawberry / bubble gum ($9.00) The taste of the usual latex or vinyl gloves is definitely unpleasant. Gloves flavored in strawberry and bubble gum are a welcome change. The hypoallergenic, powder-free gloves are made with a unique polymer coating which creates a barrier between your hand and the latex. The are available in small and medium.

Oral Myofunctional Diaries (set of 10) ($5.00)A colorful diary aids in the myofunctional therapy program.It measures 5 1/2 inches by 4 inches and has a cheerful cover which encourages the patient to remember to practice. It may be used as a digit sucking diary, a practice booklet, posture reminder, a meal chart, and a multitude of purposes.

Protection Face Shield ($5.00)A disposable face shield that helps protect against body fluid spatter and sprays. They clip to designer frames or your glasses.

Designer Support Frames for Face Shield ($12.00)

Zickefoose Lip Exerciser™(minimum order 5) (5 - 10, $3.85 each) (10 - 20, $3.45 each) (over 21, $2.95 each) The lip exercise is made of soft, yet firm, nontoxic plastic that will exercise the entire orbicularis oris. The exerciser is shaped to the lips so that it will be comfortable and create a minimum contraction of the mentalis, thus being far superior to the button being used by many therapists. The exerciser is also an excellent tool for eliminating mouth breathing.

Place Mat ($2.00) (minimum order 5) Since it is difficult for the myofunctional patient to remember to chew and swallow properly, place mats have been cleverly designed to remind the patient to eat properly at all meals.

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